How To Make Flower Pots At Home?

How do you make decorative flower pots at home?

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How do you make concrete flower pots?

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How do you make plant pots?

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How do you turn something into a planter?

So, here are my three so-easy-it’s-silly methods for turning just about anything into a planter.

Method one: Add liner to wood or porous vessels

  • Coco liner (alternatively, you could use plastic poly sheeting, read on to see which is best for you)
  • Small rocks.
  • Soil.
  • Basket or other vessel.

How do you decorate potted plants?

Take some terra cotta pots, some mod podge, a newspaper, some acrylic paint and twine. Apply mod podge on the exterior of the pot and adhere newspaper pieces to it. Once it’s all covered up seal it with more mod podge. Don’t forget to paint the rim using a color of your choice.

What can I make with plastic plant pots?

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